David Edward Adams (1851-1939)

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Adams, David Edward Autobiography (c.1876–1900) Autobiography (c.1876–1900) Microfilm of holograph. 38 pp. HDC [LDS Church Archives] (Ms f 3 item 1a) Microfilm of typescript. 24 pp. HDC [LDS Church Archives] (Ms f 3 item 1b)

Bulk of typescript a copy of questionnaire completed for Arizona Pioneers’ Association, 1935. Moved to Arizona from Alpine, Utah, 1876. Called to Arizona by Brigham Young, so married Caroline H. Lind and went. Settled at Allen‘s Camp on Little Colorado. Later moved to Joseph City. Wife died, 1906. Married her sister. Lived in United Order upon first arriving in Arizona. Experience with Indians, 1878.

Another shorter account written in 1934 for Arizona Pioneers’ Association. Experiences connected with arrival and settlement in Arizona. Moved to Showlow Ranch, 1876. Two more short accounts dated 1934 and 1936.

Originals on file at Arizona Pioneers‘ Historical Society, Tucson.